18 Mar 2020

Covid-19 Business Continuity Plans

Bannatyne Kirkwood France & Co

BKF is actively working towards ensuring business continuity, in planning and executing responses to COVID-19 as it develops. We are actively and continuously monitoring news and Government guidance as this is published, adapting our business processes and delivery methods as appropriate.


As it stands all of our services are being delivered largely as normal with the office remaining open. Face to face contact with clients has ceased meantime and all staff and partners are being encouraged to avoid any unnecessary travel (even to the office) and to work remotely where possible. We have plans in place and tested to enable all key staff to work remotely from the office should the need arise to maintain continuity of service delivery to our customers. The core technical platforms BKF have invested in enable us to work collaboratively internally, with customers and with suppliers from the office or remote locations. This allows access to our full systems and databases.


Locally we are liaising with key suppliers and contacts, especially our IT support to establish the extent of their contingency plans in terms of continuity of supply and resilience in the event of staff shortages or office closures. Clearly, this is an ever-changing set of circumstances and we commit to providing updates to you regularly should access or issues look to impact our services.


If you have any questions or require any further information in relation to how COVID-19 may impact our services please direct your enquiry to info@bkf.co.uk  and one of our senior team will respond to you.


There is also a further statement along with contact details for key staff on our blog at www.bkf.co.uk.