18 May 2020

Making a will or power of attorney during lockdown

You can still make a will and power of attorney during lockdown

Many of us having been #WFH recently. While at home there is chance to do another important #WFH… that is #WillsFromHome. Even with lockdown, BKF  can assist you make a will tailored to your and your family’s needs. The same is true of powers of attorney.

Making a will helps you protect loved ones and take control of how your estate and wealth is inherited. Without a will, your estate will be inherited according to the laws of intestacy. The laws of intestacy might cause some surprise, be a source of dispute, result in financial detriment, lead to additional court process and create unnecessary tax.   

A power of attorney gives you comfort that someone chosen by you will be able to make decisions when you cannot.  This can be due to events such as illness or accident.  If such an event happens that is not the moment to find out that, for example, a spouse or child has no automatic rights to make financial or welfare decisions for you or even to communicate or receive information about such matters. If there is no power of attorney, a court process is needed and that is not quick.   

Wills From Home… va va Zoom!

While there are restrictions on movement at the moment, Scottish law coupled to guidance from the Law Society of Scotland allows wills and powers of attorney still to be made. Now is a good time to make or update a will or put in place a power of attorney… and it can be done without a visit to an office. Video calls can now be used.  BKF is here to help you make a will and power of attorney to ensure you and your loved ones are protected.

For help and advice for wills and powers of attorney contact  alaneccles@bkf.co.uk