31 Jan 2019

Model Tenancy Agreement for Private Residential Tenancies

Revised Model Tenancy Agreement for Private Residential Tenancies


The Scottish Government has recently published updated versions of the model Private Residential Tenancy Agreement, Easy Read Notes, and Statutory Terms Supporting Notes.


The updates take account of changes to data protection laws, as well as other minor amendments and clarifications. If bespoke agreements are being used, these should be looked at too.


Updated pdfs for each document that should be used going forward can be accessed on the Scottish Government’s website as follows:


Model Tenancy Agreement:



Easy Read Notes:



Statutory Terms Supporting Notes:



The Scottish Government’s model tenancy agreement tool has also been updated to reflect these changes.


The Model Tenancy Agreement tool can be found here:



If you require any further information or advice, please contact Rory Cowan (https://bkf.co.uk/people/rory-cowan/#more-272).