Campbell Deane

Campbell has been a partner at BKF since 1996 and heads its ever expanding media and entertainment department. Specialising in defamation, contempt of court, privacy and IPSO complaints he also assists in providing BKF’s extensive media clients with both pre and post publication advice.

He was Assistant Editor of Tolley’s Journal of Media Law and Practice from 1995-97 and has been the News Editor of Tolley’s Communications Law since 1997. He has lectured in Senior Honours at Glasgow University in defamation and contempt and has addressed the Scottish Weekly Newspaper Society and the Franco British Lawyers Society on the development of the law of privacy. He has written widely on defamation, contempt and privacy issues both academically and in the press.

Campbell and the media law team advise daily (and nightly) on pre and post publication matters for all sections of the media and have been involved over the years in numerous high profile cases involving all aspects of publishing, both civil and criminal.

The firm’s proven expertise in such matters has resulted in their numbering many senior figures in public life, including sporting celebrities, MP’s and MSP’s amongst their clients.

Campbell gave evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Education and Culture Committee following Lord McCluskey’s Report on Press Regulation in Scotland after the Leveson Inquiry.

He sits on the Advisory Group for the Scottish Law Commission project on defamation.